Info on the Cancuen Archaeological Project

The park

This archaeological and rainforest park is property of Guatemala’s Institute of Anthropology and History, and currently covered an area of approximately one cabellería (a local measurement of area equal to approximately 0.5 km2).  Through purchase and donation by Vanderbilt University, this area has been increased by about 5.5 more cabellerías (about 3 km2), to cover almost the entire archaeological site and a six kilometer stretch of the Pasión River.  The site is the largest and most important of the Upper Pasión river valley region, and was the capital and port city of an ancient very prosperous  kingdom during the Late Classic Period, AD 657-800.  It has much architecture still standing, including one of the largest palaces of fine stone masonry in the Maya world.  The park also preserves a rare zone of beautiful tropical forest, home to howler monkeys, woolly anteaters, toucans and many other endangered species. The park is completely manages by 6 indiginous Q’eqchi’ Maya communities in collaboration with Vanderbilt University and Guatemala’s Ministry of Culture.

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